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Midwest Dreamin 2018 LIVE – Dreamforce, an RV, and a Ring WizardCast 74

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We’re live at Midwest Dreamin 2018!

Wednesday, July 11th, was the opening night for Midwest Dreamin. There was a great session by Mike Gerholdt about navigating your career. It was followed by a interesting discussion with Kevin Poorman and Heather Dykstra about removing titles, design review, and how to talk and plan as a team.

Then it was the opening reception. Cheese, grapes, and crackers in the expo hall. It was a good time to walk around the room to see which vendors were there and plan for the next day.

It was also a great networking time. Unfortunately, Mark Ross was stuck on a plane. It just so happened that my Dreamforce Guest Co-host was at Midwest Dreamin and happily joined me. Thanks Benjamin Bolopue!

We start with a series of terrible jokes from Patrick Solum

We’re then joined by Brad Gross and Amber Boaz. Listeners may remember Amber from when she Guest Hosted last year and talked about getting Dreamforce Ready.

We started by talking about why we were here at Midwest Dreamin and why it was an important event. It quickly changed into talking about a 4 day roadtrip in an RV from Chicago to Dreamforce. It a great story so I simply had to share it here.

Then we ended it. We’ll be doing a more formal episode – hopefully with Mark – later this week. Stay Tuned.


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