>Other Salesforce Blogs<

The Wizard News is not the only Salesforce blog out there. There are many great resources written by fantastic community members. There are a few that I consider have amazing content and/or I have returned numerous times to answer my questions. If you’re looking for more Salesforce blogs, check these out!

Looking for more than Salesforce blogs? Check out these Salesforce podcasts!

Got another blog you want me to check out? Contact me and let me know!


Blog Name Topic
Salesforce Admin Admin
Women Heroes Code @Kieren Jameson Admin/Developer
Jenwlee’s Salesforce Blog Admin with Focus on Flow
Doug Ayers Dev & some Admin
Patrick Connelly Deadly Penguin Dev/Admin
Salesforce Hacker All Around Awesomeness
Bonnie Hinners @SNUGSfBay Blog Admin
Admin Hero from Brent Downey Admin
Andy Boettcher’s Blog Admin/Dev mix
Bob Buzzard’s Blog Developer
Jason Venerable aka TehNrd Developer
Chris Peterson’s Blog Developer
Jeff Douglas’s Blog Developer
Daniel Hoechst’s Blog Developer