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Migrating Workflow Rule to Salesforce Flow

Dreamforce 2021 made the surprising announcement that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will be retired. This is going to happen over the next few years. It’ll start by not allowing Salesforce customers to create new Workflow Rules or Process Builders. Eventually, you won’t be able to edit your existing ones. This means we should start planning on migrating our automation to Flow and planning new automation needs with Flow in mind. You can read a great summary from SalesforceBen in his post

Migrating Workflow to Flow Considerations

Flow can seem very daunting. It’s made huge improvements over the last two years to become more user-friendly and easier to use. There are a few schools of thought on how we can migrate.

  1. We create 1 Flow for each workflow rule
  2. We create the fewest number of flows per object, combining multiple workflow rules into each flow

There’s not really a cut-and-dry answer on what’s the best method. I think it’s going to vary on your individual needs. Migrating a single Opportunity Workflow Rule to a single Flow makes sense if you only have one Opportunity Workflow Rule. When you have multiple Workflow Rules on an object it may make more sense to combine the multiple rules into a single Flow. There are some benefits to combining multiple Workflow Rules into one Flow. The biggest benefit is the control over what actions occur first. Admittedly, using a single Flow for multiple Workflow Rules is more complicated to build and maintain. So we’re going to focus on the first option.


I have a whole series on building Flows. Some of them are on the old cloud designer. Some are on the new Lightning Flow Builder. Flow has made a lot of updates so some of the wordings and screen appearances have changed, but the underline concepts still apply. You can find these under Wizard’s Apprentice.

The video is from the live stream where I migrate Workflow Rules to Flow. There were two rules we migrated into two different flows. We used both After Record Triggered Flow and a Before Record Triggered Flow.  Let me know what else you would like to see and if I should continue to do more live streams.

I did forget to unmute my mic at the start – so skip to about 6 minutes in.

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