The following are products and services that I’ve joined their Affiliate program.

What does that mean? It means if you use my Affiliates through me, I get a small dollar value to help me run the site.

In some of these cases, using me can get you a bonus. In some cases, there’s no bonus except the warm fuzzy feeling of helping keep the lights on.

No expectations on my end. I ask you simply consider it. Thank you.

Got questions or feedback on the affiliates listed? Contact me and let me know!

Web Hosting
Libsyn Libsyn is an inexpensive, flexible, and easy platform for hosting podcast files. I love this system. The customer service is fast and helpful. Plus, if I run out of monthly storage, I can increase my subscription mid month so I can upload more content. Then I can downgrade for the next month. Plans start as low as $5 a month. I pay $7 to add basic statistics. Libsyn also also host show notes and your feed - although it's not my primary feed. I'm now a partner! Get 1 month free at your tier of choice with code: podmagic Libsyn

I am an Amazon Affiliate. This means if you start a search on my site, click on of the banners below, or go to my influencer page and then buy something – I get a little bit from Amazon.

It doesn’t increase your cost. It does help me.

Amazon Influencer These are products I've purchased on Amazon and I like. Many of these I've reviewed. Purchasing from my list provides me a bit from Amazon without increasing your cost