The site for all things Salesforce! This Salesforce blog covers tips and tricks, best practices, Salesforce automation like Process Builder and Flow, and all other things in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can also found the WizardCast podcast, a podcast about Salesforce with a sense of humor. Finally, you can find training videos and event videos. Learn more about Brian Kwong the Salesforce Wizard & The Wizard News.

Blog Posts on Salesforce Thoughts, Tips, Best Practices, and just about everything else. Written for the Salesforce Administrator and Developer.

WizardCast is a podcast on Salesforce. This is the podcast for the Salesforce professional to listen all about Salesforce with a Smile.

Warning, contains puns, bad jokes, as well as interviews, tips, and commentary.

Co-Hosted by Brian Kwong and Mark Ross.

Includes videos from events, podcasts, and other interesting Salesforce items. Also featured is the Wizard Apprentice video training series. Our first series focuses on Salesforce Flow. Event and other non-training videos can be found out my YouTube channel.