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Happy 2016 – Random Thoughts

Happy 2016! Thank you to everyone who has come to the Wizard News and comes back! I am humbled and honored that you have found something worth coming back for.

In 2015, Wizard News changed a bit. I no longer had blog posts consistently posted every week. I also added some training videos via YouTube and Mark Ross and I joined forces to create the WizardCast podcast. I also moved to my own hosting site including a new design that centralizes all three activities.

Blogging is still very important medium for me to communicate thoughts, tips and tricks, and news about  Unfortunately, I simply have found I have less time to put together content. Some of this is due to changing jobs and becoming a consultant for Better Partners. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I now have three children all under three (at least until Friday). It amazes me how much energy it takes to raise a couple of three year olds and a new baby.

I’m planning on continue posting here, but likely I will not keep to a regular schedule for the next few months. I want to make sure that I’m providing interesting and useful posts and not just writing some half-thought out post just to have something out every week.

A lot of my free time for writing is going to to the WizardCast. It’s a pretty fun activity for me that takes far more time than I anticipated. Between scheduling and performing interviews, recording the actual podcast, and writing a script (yes we actually do write a script), it all sucks up a large amount of time.

So hopefully you’ll be hearing at least 2 podcast episodes every month.

Wizard Apprentice, Youtube videos, will be coming back. I’ve added some new gear to my setup and completely re-built my recording & processing computer. Like the podcast it takes a quite of bit of time, but I think it’s pretty fun to do.

Things you can expect coming up:

  • Wizard Apprentice: Revisiting sobject variables & Collections
  • Wizard Cast: Certification Changes
  • Wizard Cast: The Dark Admin, Admin hero sequel (Name tentative)
  • Wizard News: Process Builder quirks
  • Wizard News: Lightning Experience: Is it right for your org?
  • Wizard News: Improved Volunteer Event (From DF ’15 Admin keynote)
  • Wizard News: Where’s my Pony?
  • Wizard News: Wizard’s List – Spring ’16

And more I have written down but not quite flushed out. If you have anything else you would love to see a blog, video, or a podcast about – please comment here and let me know!

Thanks for sticking with me through 2015. Hope you continue to enjoy the site this year.


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  • Kristi G

    Excited to see more Wizard Apprentice videos in the mix, I have found them really helpful as I keep running into challenges which can be resolved with Flow!

    • Brian Kwong

      Thanks Kristi. I like doing the videos. My challenge is I coming up with topics that I can cover in under 20 minutes and still be clear, interesting and kind of fun. Anything you want to see specifically?

  • SalesforceStu

    Brian, i love those topics you have listed. I have put on my 2016 challenge to learn more about VisualForce and Process Builder, so I will be using your videocasts as resources. thanks for all your work, I know you are busy.


    • Brian Kwong

      Thank you SalesforceStu. Definitely let me know if there’s something specific you want to see. I realized I forgot one Wizard Apprentice topic which would be using SubFlows.

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