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Midwest Streaming with Peter Coffee

WizardCast Episode 112

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We couldn’t hold Midwest Dreamin’ this year due to the pandemic. So we decided to bring you an opening keynote session closing keynote podcast streamed for your safety and convenience.

Peter Coffee with a special introduction by Eric Dreshfield joins the WizardCast with a discussion on technology, trends, and impacts of the pandemic. Peter is the VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce and has often spoken at Midwest Dreamin’.

We talked about how some of the responses to the pandemic is an actual accelerant of trends we were already seeing before the outbreak.

Show Overview
0:00 Message in a bottle
1:07 Introduction
2:07 Pooling Jokes
2:42 Midwest Streamin’ Intro by Eric Dreshfield
3:33 Peter Coffee “Keynote”
5:33 Eric Dreshfield Midwest Dreamin’ story
9:10 How have things gotten different
10:30 The pandemic is an acceleration of trends that were already underway
15:02 Built a ventilator management tool app in 4 days
20:20 What’s wrong with the term “digital transformation”
23:17 Digital Transformation in Education
35:50 Scenario Planning
36:55 Efficiencies of Cities
42:50 Is Midwest Dreamin’ still Midwest & virtual conference
56:30 Browser Brave & Privacy
1:0840 Outro
1:10:30 Post Outro
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