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Hey loyal readers! Assuming you’re reading this on post day (May 23, 2015), I’ll be at the Salesforce World Tour in Chicago. This is my first big Salesforce event as a consultant and I’ll be busy talking with people and hopefully sounding smart.

I will also be presenting at 3:00 PM on 2 use cases of combining the Process Builder & Flow. My two user cases covers setting the Discount on all Opportunity products and creating renewal Opportunities. The good news is that I wrote a blog post (video coming soon) that goes into more detail of how I built the Flow and Process for my two use cases. The bad news is that post isn’t going to be posted here.

You can find that post, in all it’s glory over at the website for Better Partners. As much as I would love for you to go looking at the site, here’s the direct link:

I’m speaking at 3:00 PM in the Admin Theater. So to prevent spoilers this post won’t go live until 3:30 PM Central today. So don’t go to it yet or you’ll get a 404 error! Never fear! If you’re looking for some Wizard goodness while you wait, I’m also blogging on the Better Partner’s site. You can see our blog post about Start Trek IT. It’s all about finding tools that give you great value for your dollar.

Thanks for your patience. I hope everyone is enjoying the Wizard’s Apprentice videos and subscribing to WizardCast. I’ll return to my normal blog posting next week – seriously – I promise!

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