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Netflix's DaredevilLike many people with Netflix accounts, I have recently been binging on Daredevil from Netflix. I actually just finished watching season 1 last night during my bout of insomnia.Like I often do, I started to think about how Daredevil applies to my Salesforce life. I know it sounds weird. The the last time I shared this particular quirk, I talked about how Disney & Seaworld makes me think of Salesforce.

When you get right down to it though, there are many traits that Daredevil shares with great Salesforce Administrators.

Four Daredevil Traits of a Great Salesforce Admin

1. Daredevil helps those in need

As administrators one of our primary functions is to help people. We need to help our managers and executives get the information they need to run their business. We need to help our end-users to be able to seamlessly use the system to put the information in for themselves and their managers.

2. Daredevil senses & knows things others cannot or ignore.

We’re experts of the platform. This means we often know things that those around us simply do not know or ignore. It makes it our responsibility to take appropriate actions based on that knowledge. In our situation, it’s likely making a strong recommendation on a course of action, workflow process, or data structure. It is, hopefully, unlikely to involve require beating people.

3. Daredevil listens carefully to others

As administrators, it’s very important that we listen. We need to listen to our executive, managers, and our end-users. By listening, we learn what people want. We learn what we need to change in our org. We also learn to hear the cue’s to learn what people really need and not just what they want.

4. Daredevil takes a beating and then gets back up

Let’s face it. We’re going to have disappointments. There will be times when we make a mistake or fail. That’s okay. Making those mistakes helps us learn. What’s important is that we pick ourselves back up after we’ve been beaten down. The only time we truly fail is when we decide not to pick ourselves up. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to head back into the fight. Sometimes, it’s perfectly appropriate to pick ourselves up and the run away to heal and fight another day.

There you have it. Daredevil is considered to be a super hero. With these traits you can be an Admin Hero. So remember, it’s okay to take a few punches as long as you pull yourself back up. Just remember and learn by what knocked you down and soon you’ll be that super hero. Spandex & horn costume optional.

Taking a punch

Taking a punch

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  • Kristi G

    Love it! I just wrote a post myself about what people really need and not just what they want. It’s interesting sometimes to see how “I need this” evolves to how you end up structuring the solution.

    • Brian Kwong

      Absolutely correct Kristi. It sometimes amazes me how often we focus so much on what we’re trying to accomplish that we forget to make sure we’re driving towards what we actually need.

  • Linda McIntosh

    Brian, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Are you sure you can’t read minds too??

    • Brian Kwong

      I can read minds, but only when the words have been printed clearly on their forehead.

  • Jennifer Laing

    I love this article!

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