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Last Thursday, July 10, 2014, I was at Chicago’s Navy Pier for the MidWest Dreamin’ event. Faithful readers may remember my post back in April about Why I’m Midwest Dreamin’

A brief recap from my post:

User Groups from Indiana, Chicao, St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Kansas City, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Louisville and Nebraska will form together to one giant user group meeting.

There will be keynotes, breakout sessions, an expo and let’s not forget lunch and snacks!

I’m excited because this is going to be fantastic event. I’m even more excited because who will be speaking for keynotes. We’ll start the day with Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research. You know him. He opens every Dreamforce keynote, interviews customers, and gives amazing insights into our evolving technical world.

We close with a keynote feature Shawna Wolverton and Todd Enders.

I was not disappointed. I was one of the event staff so I unfortunately missed portions of Peter Coffee’s keynote. I was also the doorman for most of the day so the session I attended had to also be the sessions that I was helping to manage. Regardless of the semi-lack of freedom, I had a great event!

Some of my Favorite Things

  1. All the slide decks from all the presentations, including Peter Coffee’s keynote are available in the Success community:
  2. One of my favorite sessions I did get attend was Amber Boaz’s session: NonProfit & Non-NonProfit Users for the “NonProfit Starter Pack”
    I know, it’s a mouthful. Don’t be fooled by all the word non-profit here. This was a great example of how For Profit organizations can get benefit out of the Non-Profit Starter Pack.
  3. Even though I couldn’t attend any session I wanted, I was able to enjoy some of them vicariously. Mark Ross is also a Flow enthusiast. He did a session called
    The Flow You Don’t KnowSadly, I couldn’t attend this, but my twitter friends kept me up-to-date
  4. The Expo. We had some great sponsors at the event and the expo floor was fantastic. Yes, it was smaller than Dreamforce, but that made things a bit more intimate. I could actually hear and understand the sponsors. I learned some new things, met some new people and had fun giving bunny ears to people who deserve it.
  5. Meeting the community. I had great honor to meet Toya Gatewood– someone who follows me on Twitter and happily came up to say hello to me.
  6. Hanging out with the MVPs. I love my fellow MVPs; it is like having an extended family. Many of us are very close: in tight cab rides to after parties
  7. Salesforce recognizes us – the community. I was very happy to have attended the full closing keynote with Shawna Wolverton, Todd Enders and an encore by Peter Coffee. I wish I had video record this keynote. It was a fantastic nod to what we do as end users, how we build our community, and ultimately make Salesforce better. Here’s one slide that I wanted to make sure got shared to the world.

There is my recap. It was a fantastic experience. I want to thank the committee and Usergroup leaders who took time out of their busy lives to organize and make this a success. The conversation doesn’t end here. Check out the Midwest Dreamin’ 2014 success community group here: target=”_blank”>

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  • Peter Coffee

    Brian, great notes. Thank you.

    Some of the builds in my slides are preview-unfriendly. The PDF at unpack those elements into separate slides that may be easier to review.


    – pc

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