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Happy Fourth of July to all the folks in the United States!

This will be a fairly short post. Due to the holiday week and some unexpected traveling, your normal Wizard News has been interrupted for this very important message.

One of my favorite things about our community is hearing from people. I created this blog partly to help share the information I’ve gathered over the years as well as a place to reference the solution to questions I seem to receive over and over again.

I started the blog with the goal of doing a post a week. Since my first post I’ve succeeding in doing this 26 times. I hope to continue this pattern and I want your help to make it successful.

I want to hear what you would like to read about! I want to hear your questions!

You can submit your requests using the Letter to the developer in the contact us section. This was originally intended for my semi-tongue-in-cheek Letters To The Developer column to answer coding questions, but I’m opening this up to all questions.

I will try to accommodate as many requests as possible. If you ask a question, I would like to share the question and your name. If I use a topic request, I would like to share your request and name as well. Please let me know if you’re not comfortable sharing your message and name in a blog post and I will not mention it in the post.

I’ve receive a couple that I will hopefully have blog posts out. Some of these posts can be quite time intensive and will take longer. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics I’ve been working on for the future:

I want to add to that list! Looking forward to hearing from you.

A Note From The Editor

A little secret about WizardNews posts. I hate writing Post Titles. I struggle with trying to write titles that are informative, accurate, and grab your attention. One of the more difficult parts is not to interject my sense of humor into the title – too much. For example, alternative titles for today’s post included:

  • The Wizards Wants You! For a Blog post
  • Why you should click that link under ContactUs
  • Writer’s Block – the bloggers Lament
  • I’ve been traveling too much to write witty, detailed and smart posts

What other titles can you come up with for this week’s blog post?

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