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Dungeons & Dreamforce Winter ’19 FundRaiser for PepUp Tech

Dungeons and Dreamforce is back for the Winter ’19 release!

This is the third consecutive year of Dungeons and Dreamforce. We held our first series in 2016, our second in 2017, and now here we our with the third installment for 2019. I know, it should really be Dungeons & Dreamforce ’18, but we decided to match Salesforce’s release naming convention.

Wait, you don’t know what Dungeons and Dreamforce is? What’s the big deal? Ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dreamforce is a role playing game. Community members come together and play a Salesforce/Dreamforce Themed Dungeons and Dragons game. This is a heavily story-based game relying on the players to describe what is happening and where they’re going. The Dungeon Master (DM) is responsible for guiding the players through the world and controlling all the other characters and bad guys the players interact with.

Dungeons and Dragons has become very popular over the last couple of years. I would bet there’s a group nearby you that is playing.

Dungeons and Dreamforce is special for four reasons. First, it occurs in a Salesforce Theme world created by Mark Ross. Second, we’re accepting donations to support PepUp Tech. Third each episode is streamed live with the recording posted to YouTube. Fourth and Finally, we have a live event at Dreamforce! We’re even in the agenda builder this year!

Like previous years, your donations can help – or hinder – the players in their adventure. There’s an added bit of stress. Any player that does not use ALL their donated items will risk having their character killed at the end of the game! Donations this year support PepUp Tech, a 503c organization, and are tax deductible. PepUp Tech helps underrepresented people get involved with Tech Careers. They’ve helped numerous of people get jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s a fantastic organization.

This year, our first episode was joined by a very special guest – Peter Coffee! Peter is the VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce – and a great friend of the WizardCast podcast

It’s Peter Coffee!

Dungeons & Dreamforce Where to Watch

Starting on Saturday 9/8/18, Dungeons and Dreamforce will be streamed live at 8:30 PM Central for the Saturdays leading up to Dreamforce. This means we’ll be streaming on 9/8/18, 9/15/18, and 9/22/18. Want reminders? You can join our Facebook Event and Salesforce will give you all the notifications to remind you about the event!

You can participate and chat with the players and audience live at Donations are accepted during play which can drastically change the outcome of the night. Can’t watch us live? Do not worry! You can donate at ANY TIME by going to our donation link:

Plus, we are recording each session which will be posted on Youtube. The first episode is currently live and I’ll plan on updating this post, our Facebook Event, and my own YouTube channel with each episode as they go live.

Dungeons and Dreamforce also has it’s own webpage with more details:

Dungeons & Dreamforce LIVE at Dreamforce

The last 2 years, we had a live event at Dreamforce. We accepted donations and players played in front of an in-person audience. Great fun was had by everyone. The downside was it was challenging to find among all the other activities.

This year, we are official. We are listed in the Agenda Builder which also means seating will be limited! So sign up today so you can participate.

The live event is on Wednesday, September 26, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the Hilton Union Square, Continental 7-9.

PepUp Tech Donations

Please consider donating: You can see a list of player rewards and donation amounts on the donation page:

Ask your friends. Ask your companies. We announce who donated during game play and it can be a great way for companies to get some positive exposure within the Salesforce community.

Here’s some of the donation details:

  • Player Re-Roll Badge: Choose a player for this reward. This allows them to re-roll an unsatisfactory result. This can be the difference between life and death, failure and success.
  • Dungeon Master (DM) Re-Roll Badge: Just like the player, but it helps the DM. Which means you’re making life more difficult for the players
  • Play QuickWin Deployment Fish: This is like a re-roll, but instead it’s an “Instant Win” of the roll. It’s an incredibly powerful tool
  • DM QuickWin Deployment Fish: Same as the player, but for the DM. Don’t be mean.
  • Player Deck of Metadata Things: These are special cards which the player can play. Some are positive. Some are negative. Some could be both depending on how the player plays them. These are new for Dungeons and Dreamforce. You can see how one of them was played during the first episode
  • DM Deck of Metadata Things: Really? You don’t want to do this. Please don’t help Mark.
  • Player Magic Lightning Component: A magical item. These are AMAZING and can be very powerful. This is a great donation level for companies
  • Gamechanger Trailblazer: This is a BIG one. Last year, an undisclosed group donated to cause a major change in the story line. This resulted in one player having to sacrifice themselves in order for the game to be won.

Dungeons and Dreamforce Episodes

View all Dungeons & Dreamforce Winter 19 episodes here:

View ALL Dungeons and Dreamforce Episodes:

Episode one:

Episode two:

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