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Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017 (DnDF17)

Last year I participated in Dungeons and Dreamforce 2016 a charity event for Extra Life. This year it’s back and better than ever!

Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017 involves me playing Dungeons and Dragons with a Dreamforce & Salesforce theme. We’ll be live streaming for 3 nights starting next week, plus we’ll be holding a live event at Dreamforce itself.

I will be playing next to some great community members including John Graf, Samantha SafinJustice Sikakane, and Heather Palosaari.  Our Dungeon Master is none other than the great Salesforce Yoda himself – Mark Ross. Want to know WHY this event is happening? John Graf, the organizer & ideas man behind DnDf17 explains in his post:

I will be role playing a crabby wizard whose intentions are good… but may be a bit chaotic. I know… it’s a reach. I’ll be slinging magic missiles and fireballs at our foes and hoping to collect lots of gold to support my… personal needs. I may be a bit twitchy, okay very twitchy… and not really care much for the group, but working together is more profitable than working alone. Beware of wizard – Kriv Chi is too impatient to take prisoners.  I’m joined by a martial arts half-orc turtle wanna be, a trailblazer ranger, a lightning paladin, and as yet -unknown to me – player.

5 Ways for You to Participate in Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017

  1. Please share this with your companies and ask if they would donate.
  2. Make a donation yourself!
  3. Share on social media & ask your company to share on social media
  4. Join us live at and chat, tease, gossip, and laugh with us!
  5. Join us live at Dreamforce!  11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Wednesday Register:

Benefits to Donating

Besides, supporting Extra Life which Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, there’s some other perks.

All donors will be announced during our live stream and be listed on the website. It’s a great way for companies & organizations to get some visibility with the Salesforce community. In all likelyhood there’ll be social media thank yous going out by the organizers & players.

But wait, there’s more! Donations don’t just help Extra Life, they also impact the game! Donors can choose to have their donation either help… or maybe hinder the players. You can even donate to give your favorite wizard a magical item or a free re-roll of the dice (hint hint). Just make sure you tell us what you want and who should be impacted!

$10 will grant any Character you choose a Trailhead Reroll Badge
$20 Gives a player a Quick Win Deployfish
$200 or more – A Magic item to help defeat EVIL!

At the Magic Component Level we encourage you to contact our Dungeon Master, Mark Ross, to design a special gift for the game.

Donate to Extra Life for Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017

Make sure to let us know what item you’re donating for and for which player (if you have one in mind). For questions or if you want to do something big like a magical item or something else – reach out to Mark Ross

Watch Live

Monday 10/16/17 8:00-10:00 pm CST

Monday 10/23/17 8:00-10:00 pm CST

Monday 10/30/17 8:00-10:00 pm CST

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