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Charity, Dreamforce, and Dungeons & Dragons

Do you love Dreamforce? Do you love Charity? Do you love Dungeons & Dragons? Well two out of three isn’t bad.

I’m joining a party of stalwart adventurers for a game of Dungeons and Dragons in the name of charity. Now, I have yet to meet Charity, but I’m told she’s a very nice person.  Not quite sure how playing Dungeons and Dragons helps her but…

Okay, I’ve been informed, that this is an event for Extra Life, a organization that helps gamers to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

This event is organized by those great folks, John Graf and Nana Gregg, of the NerdForce Podcast.  Our dungeon master is the great, the wonderful, the please-continue-being-my-co-host, Mark Ross – aka Salesforce Yoda.

The game will be Salesforce & Dreamforce themed as the players attempt to help Lord Benioff (and his magical boots) save the realm of Forcelandia from the clutches of the evil Oracular Empire. It’s going to be campy. It’s going to be full of bad puns and jokes. It’s going to be one heck of an adventure. Mark has been fairly tight-lipped about the full story. Makes me wonder if Parker Harris will show up as LightningMan.

You can help us to salve the realm or let your inner evilness shine through. We’re accepting donations from individuals and companies with special tier donation rewards available for high donations.

You can support us a few different ways:

  • Bid on the Nerd Schwag box aka the Dreamcrate (Auction Ends 10/5/16)
  • Join us as we stream our adventures Tuesdays starting at 8:30 PM Central (
  • Join the #NerdforceCon16 at Dreamforce for the final “episode” of the game on 10/6 at Dreamforce! (
  • Donate during the stream – Donations can help a particular player or potentially hinder them (but to help me, you folks love me right?)

You can join us Tuesdays, starting September 13 at:

It’s going to be fun time and it’s for a great cause. If you miss the stream, we will be posting the videos up on Youtube later. You can donate whenever you want… although let’s face it, you really want to donate to help a poor wizard out on a bad roll… Right? Right. You can find the donation page here:



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