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Dreamforce Keynotes and Admin Confessions WizardCast 79

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We’re live at Dreamforce 2018!

We start off with a quick chat before the Salesforce Admins Keynote. It was fantastic celebration of Admins with three success stories and some insights into what’s coming next on Salesforce. Plus a new Golden hoodie award!

Then it’s off to our annual Main keynote podcast. We got interrupted with out podcast plans and were told to sit down before we could do our normal rounds of discussion. Then the keynote started almost 20 minutes early with the dulcet tones of Peter Coffee reviewing the forward looking statement.

We pick up at one of the many parties at Dreamforce where we asked folks for their Admin Confessions. In Admin Confessions, we share something that we do or have done as Admins despite knowing we shouldn’t. It’s simply goes to show you that even Admins that have been doing this for years occasionally go to the dark side. Thank you to everyone who participated!

I want to hear your Admin Confession. Leave a comment on our website or call & leave a message on the WizardCast hotline: (608) 492-0321

No show notes or overviews because it’s Midnight here in California and I want to go to sleep.


Dreamforce on everyone.

Episode 2 of Dreamforce 2018 can be found here:


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  • Carol

    Love admin confessions!

    • Brian Kwong

      you have no idea how much I love this feedback. I’m hoping to ask listeners to call in or send me their confessions for future episodes

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