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WizardCast Dungeons and Dreamforce Adventure with Samantha Safin Episode 54

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Dungeons and Dreamforce Adventure with Samantha Safin

Samantha Safin is this awesome person who’s been helping companies and non-profits with Salesforce.  You should absolutely check out here blog:

Samantha plays Brunhilda Battlehammer, also known as, Trailblazer a Ranger Dwarf in Dungeons and Dreamforce.  

Dungeons and Dreamforce 17 (DnDF17) is where members of the Salesforce community play Dungeons and Dragons for charity. The world is Salesforce & Dreamforce themed with various Salesforce employees holding roles. For example, the Forcelandia, the country the players find themselves in, is ruled by the benevolent Marc Benioff. Believe me, this is a tongue-in-cheek, pun filled adventure.

Dungeons and Dragons is very story driven. Each player has their own character and interacts in a world filled with monsters, animals, and other people. The story and all those other entities are controlled by a Dungeon Master. Think of the Dungeon Master as someone who acts a Sherpa through the interesting world.

This is for charity. All money raised goes to the Children’s Miracle Network thru Extra-Life a non-profit helping gamers raise money for charity. We wanted to give you a taste of the story and a snippet of the game play.

This is a short story of Dungeons and Dreamforce that occurs between the stories of last year and the 2017 session.

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Overlay music from Dream, Written by Di Evantile

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