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Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017 (DnDF17)

Hey folks. Tonight is the first of 3 live streaming events of Dungeons and Dreamforce 2017 (DnDF17). You can learn all about the event on last week’s post:

Basically, I’m planning Dungeons & Dragons with a Salesforce & Dreamforce theme to raise money for Extra Life.  You can learn about why we’re doing this from a great post by John Graf, organizer & idea man behind DnDF17,

Join the Fun at DnDF17

Be sure to watch & participate Monday nights at 8:00 PM central at Twitch.Tv/SalesforceYoda

Join us live at Dreamforce! 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Wednesday Register:


Each player creates their own character. Every character has certain “stats” the reflect how charming, strong, intelligent, wise, healthy, and fast the person is. Add to this a “class” or the special talent/work the person does and you have the foundation of something to play. Want to read about the different classes here’s some details:

In our group, we have a Rogue, Paladin, Monk, Ranger, and a Wizard.  I’ll let you take one guess who’s the wizard.

Each person also chooses a race ( and alignment ( Races have certain special traits & abilities while alignment dictates if the character is Good, Neutral, Evil, and if they prefer to follow the laws or perhaps their own path.

Optional, but highly recommended, is a back story that helps explain where the character comes from, their motivation, and often things the other players don’t even know it about. This can help drive the story and also help the player stay “in character.” It is just like playing pretend when we were kids, but with a bit more structure.

I encourage everyone to join in the fun and watch our live stream, attend our event at Dreamforce, and donate – if you can. Even if you can’t donate, help spread the word and watch and talk with us during the live stream. You may be able to help steer the story or even help players make decisions.

Kriv Chi – The Wizard

  • Race: Human; Shou
  • Level: 6
  • Age: 28
  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Constitution: 15
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Wisdom: 11
  • Charisma: 15

The Story of Kriv Chi

I am Kriv Chi, Human Wizard of the Third Circle. All wizards are supreme magic-users. We shape the world around us. Like my sisters and brothers of the Circle, I’m a scholar, a sage. I live for learning the exotic, the new, and the ancient and often relish is showing this knowledge.

I was born of Shou parents, but my ancestry held a shameful secret. This secret rarely displayed itself among the Chi family, but when it did, the child was often killed or abandoned. My parents discovered this secret within me. Loathed to kill me, they “donated” me to the Circle’s Wizard Academy, Alternative Practices Institutes (API), and thus stripped me of my family, my heritage. I was 4 years old.

I spent my days at the Wizard Academy in lessons or exploring the depth of the library. To hide my shame, I avoided other people as much as possible. When that was unfeasible, I did my best to hide my shame lest it be discovered. I’ve been told that my years of shunning people and isolation in the library has made my outlook on the world “skewed” and rigid. That my opinion on the world was shaped by the idealism found in books and not how the “real” world works. I disagree. We should shape the world for the ideal, not accept the short comings as it is.

I’ve been also informed that my nervous twitches and anxiety stem from the fear that I will be discovered.  Symptoms of which, like my secret shame, I attempted to hide from all around me. Unfortunately, this condition was exposed during the sacred ceremony of graduation from the 3rd Circle. The ceremony has candidates strip to bare themselves to the magical elements. There, standing among my peers, as I faced to head of my order, the incident occurred which would scar my wizarding career. It has been thankfully kept within the Circle, but I have shunned return opting to continue my education on my own, determined to cure my shame no matter the cost.

I shall do this. I shall exceed the power of any wizard of the Fifth Circle. I shall cure my shame. No matter the cost. No matter what it takes. So far, my attempts have failed to cure me. It’s increasingly more expensive as I attempt experiment after experiment, mysterious ingredients, supposed charms of the gods, and magical artifacts. To support my needs, I have fallen together with a group of adventurers. A risky rogue, a paladin of the Storm, a ranger, and a strange monk half-orc who thinks he’s a turtle. They’re a means to an end. I need more gold and more gold requires greater risk than I take on my own. I may have stayed with them these last two years, but they’re here to fuel my needs, to complete my own secret quest.

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