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Lightning Process Builder: Getting Familiar

The Lightning Process Builder is the future version of Workflow Rules. It’s builds on top of the foundation of Visual Workflow and is significantly easier to learn that Visual Workflow.

For our first episode of the Process Builder, we take a quick overview of what’s different compared to Workflow Rules. So join us as we take a look at an existing Process and take a quick overview of the Lightning Process Builder.

Click here for the video:

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  • John

    Hi Brian, FYI in chrome, can’t click the video to expand video or view on youtube cause it’s under the right sidebar

    • Brian Kwong

      thanks John. That particular page is still giving me heartburn. Something about how the WordPress displays the embedded youtube video isn’t working well with my theme. You can click on the title of the video and it’ll take you to Youtube where you can see the full screen version.

    • Brian Kwong

      looks like I may have fixed the issue. let me know if the video still overlaps other parts of the page

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