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Lightning Flow Builder: Your First Flow – Wizard’s Apprentice Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5! Ready to build your first Flow?

We’re going to put together all the lessons from the previous 4 episodes.

In episode 1, we did an overview of the Lightning Flow Builder and toured the tool. Episode 2 we learned about the Screen element and how we can use it to display information and ask for inputs from users. In episode 3 we reviewed how we can create different pathways and add logic by using the Decision element. In our last episode, we learned about Resources and how they are used to store information, records, and more.

The first four episodes set the foundation for building our first Flow.

We’re going to build something fun. Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure storybooks? In these books, every few pages you are presented with a choice to make. Depending on the choice you made, you are directed to a different page number in the book. When you think about it, this is nothing more than some text, choices, and evaluating which choice was selected. It sounds like a screen, choice resources, and decision elements in Lightning Flow Builder to me!

Feel free to build your own adventure. For this video, I took some short cuts in the length of text and type of choices. This was partly to keep the video shorter, but also to focus on the design of the Flow. You can make your adventure as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Once your adventure is built, you can use the debugger to walk through and experience your very own Choose Your Adventure within Salesforce.

Tell me what type of adventure you built! Leave me a comment and let me know what happens when someone chooses your adventure.


This series of Wizard’s Apprentice will focus on a gradual review of the Lightning Flow Builder and Flow concepts to help make you be an automation wizard! Make sure you’ve watched our Lightning Flow Builder Overview episode since this expands what was already covered.

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