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New Flow Features in Spring 20

The Spring 20 release is coming to most Salesforce customers on February 15.
It’s one of the three annual releases put out by Salesforce. This release there’s some really big improvements coming to the Flow automation system. This video I’ll show off some of the ones I’m looking forward to using. It’s not every Flow feature so I recommend checking out the release notes

The Spring 20 Flow features I cover include:

That’s not everything by a long shot. Here’s a list of some of the other features for Flow in Spring ’20 that are not covered in the video.


Looking for more release stuff? Make sure you check out my podcast with Senior Directors of Product Management of Flow Shannon Hale & Jasson Teller. Plus, the WizardCast will be doing its release overview soon. I also suggest you check out this great site from Jen W Lee


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