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WizardCast Quips about Salesforce Quip Episode 62

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(2:50) Terrible Joke

(3:30)WizardCast_pod Twitter Handle. We also announce that WizardCast podcast is now available on Spotifiy and TuneIn

(05:00) Brian and Mark talk about how thankful they are for Mike Gerholdt‘s support and how we will miss him on the Salesforce Admins podcast.

(06:43) No Sponsor Spot – Happy New Year!

Salesforce Goes Christmas Shopping! Buys Attic Labs

(07:19)Brian and Mark talk about Salesforce’s acquisition of Attic Labs. You can read about the purchase at TechCrunch

(09:00)We talk about Salesforce’s quip product (not the toothbrush) and how we think it compares to Google docs. We also talk about how we use the feature.

(21:10) One with Ninjas … 3 electric chimney

(24:10)We also mention will have one of the first live apps for Quip. (Want to sponsor Ian Gotts?)

(27:40)Changes to

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