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Salesforce Spring 18 Highlights Episode 63

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Spring is nearly here! Some believe the first evidence is the robin, but they are wrong. It’s the Spring release of Salesforce!

The release notes are over 450 pages long. Don’t bother reading them, listen as Mark and Brian cover some of the highlights and chat about implications.

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Spring 18 Release Highlights

00:00:01 Brian experiences a strange mirror xfiles
00:02:05 Joke that won’t let you down
00:02:25 Correcting episode count
00:03:30 Daniel Stange convinces us to do advertising
00:03:50 Libsyn Podcast Hosting Affiliate mention. 1 free month with promo code “podmagic”
00:05:26 Join the Salesforce UX Research, signup to help shape the future of Salesforce
00:07:10 start of Salesforce Spring 18 discussion
00:07:57 Mark starts reading all 400+ pages of the release notes
00:09:00 GDPR – The new EU privacy laws
00:10:42 Individual Object for GDPR support
00:12:40 GDPR Trailhead module:
00:14:00 List View Tabs on a user-by-user basis
00:15:44 Lightning UI Theme and Branding
00:16:50 Surveys! Free in Health Cloud otherwise paid add on

Critical Updates

00:19:00 Critical updates! New URl Format
00:22:00 Critical Updates! Sharing with AuraEnabled Components
00:22:48 Critical Updates! Removing Instance Names in URLS
00:23:00 Critical Updates! Console change
00:23:40 Critical Updates! API Access for Container access revoked
00:24:33 Accordian Components
00:25:30 Component Visibility Updates with running user
00:26:45 Dashboard Component Embed them everywhere!
00:27:10 Branding… branding… RIP Long Live Lightning Platform.
00:30:50 Lightning Report Builder updates!
00:33:30 Search for report and dashboard folders
00:34:00 Default color scheme of Dashboards makes Mark blue
00:34:20 Einstein Activity Capture. Marks predicts its future cost
00:36:45 Default to not create Opportunity on Lead Convert
00:37:58 Campaign updates for Lightning Experience
00:38:05 Pardot Campaign and Salesforce Campaign get fuzzy
00:39:30 Opportunity Splits are in Lightning Experience
00:39:45 Text improvements on Opportunity Product selector
00:40:28 Quick Action Emails can have predefined values for To, CC, bCC< and Spell check. Plus emails searchable global searchable
00:41:00 Articles can be embeded in the case emails
00:41:15 More service cloud, marcos, knowledge, chat and more
00:42:50 Mass Quick Actions up to 200 items on Cases, Leads, and Custom Objects
00:43:25 Community Updates including Journey Builder

Flow Updates

00:45:20 Flow! Upload Files!
00:45:58 Lightning Components in Flow! Shot heard around the world
00:49:38 Turn off the header and footer in Flow
00:50:00 Flow Stages
00:51:00 Flow Actions General Available!
00:51:44 Critical Update in Flow! Execute all Auto-Launch Flow when invoked in Bulk
00:58:28 Pilot: Lightning Flow for Service
01:03:20 We finally close the episode
01:05:30 After music banter


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Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

Some sound effects & music provided by

Overlay music from Dream, Written by Di Evantile

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Showing 8 comments
  • Niels


    The ‘Dashboard Component Embed them everywhere’ you mention at 00:26:45. Does that only cover the Analytics Dashboard and not regular dashboards?


    • Brian Kwong

      Thanks for the comment Niels. I’m not sure what you mean between “analytics dashboard” and “regular dashboards.” The dashboard lightning component allows you to place a dashboard on a lightning page. These dashboards are what you see when you click the “Dashboard” tab.

  • Niels

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

    The reason I’m asking is, that I can’t see the Dashboard Lightning Component when I’m editing any Lightning Record Page. It doesn’t appear in the list of Standard Lightning Components. It’s only available when I’m editing the Home Page. If I edit e.g. the Opportunity Lightning Page or any Custom Object’s Lightning Page, it is not available.

    The Salesforce documentation ( reference it as “Analytics Dashboards / Wave Dashboards” and there is a difference.

    Wave Dashboard Lightning Component:

    “Regular” Dashobard Lightning Component:

    As far as I can see it is, unfortunately, only the “Analytics Dashobards” that is possible to embed everywhere.

    I hope I am wrong, as I have many use cases for embedding dashboards to Lightning Pages.


    • Brian Kwong


      Good catch. I have written in my notes from the Spring 18 release notes that it was regular dashboards. Looking at my own org, I do only see the Wave analytics component. That’s far less useful for the average admin. I’ll go back and see if I can find the original reference. It could be that I simply misread it!

  • Niels

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I’m relatively new to Salesforce so I don’t know exactly how it works with new releases. Currently I’m working in a Developer Org. but I believe the changes should also take affect there. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Another thing mentioned in the release notes is the ability to color dashboards with themes and palettes. I can’t seem to do that either they way it is showcased here:

    • Brian Kwong

      Well first, Welcome to the Ohana!

      Secondly, Thank you for listening to the podcast!

      Thirdly, this is really really stupid and it’s not clearly called out in the release notes. To color your dashboards requires a special perm: Change Dashboard Colors. This is NOT enabled in the default system admin profile. So you need to create a permission set and assign it to yourself.

      This is so convoluted I think it’ll be my next blog post. So thanks for the content idea!

  • Niels

    Thanks Brian,

    And thanks for clarifying the bit about the permissions sets to be able to change dashboard colours.

    • Brian Kwong

      Thank you for the feedback! Always happy to hear from listeners.

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