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For many organizations, Summer ’15 has already been released. Rejoice and be thankful! There are many cool new things in Summer ’15 and a few sleeper features. The release is gigantic with over 270 pages of notes. Instead of trying to go through everything, here’s my list of what I’m excited to see in Summer ’15.

Wizard’s List: Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

Territory Management 2.0

Not really an exciting feature for many people unless you use Territory management 1.0. That version can be a beast to manage. The new version has been steadily making improvements. In Summer’15 you can finally assign Opportunties to a territory. Bonus, that territory does not have to also be on the Account of the Opportunity like in TM 1.0. You can also make these assignments in Apex which gives you more flexibility.

Rich Text Notes

This is a beta feature. The Notes features has been available for a long time. Now you can make them Rich Text! WhoopeeDo you say? Well you can also create these rich text Notes within Salesforce1. Not impressed? In Salesforce1, you’re able to create new tasks by swipping on the bullets within a rich text notes. This means you can write notes of a meeting in Salesforce1 and create the follow up tasks from those notes. That’s nifty.

Customize Action Bar in Salesforce1

For ages, the page layout and Salesforce1 shared the actions order and customization. What if you want to have a different set of actions for the mobile users than those on the desktop? Well now you can! With Summer’15 the Salesforce1 actions are on a separate location.

Modify your mobile actions separate from your desktop

Modify your mobile actions separate from your desktop

Bulk Macros

Macros are fairly new to the Service Cloud. They let you do some pretty nifty actions to help reduce repetitive tasks. One example is to use a macro to select the email template and send the email to the client. Macros are given bulk capability in Summer ’15 so you can apply the same macro across multiple actions. For example, you could use a macro across multiple cases with the same probelm that you’re closing at the same time. This is something I hope gets spread across the platform since it could help reduce the need for certain URL hacks.

Omni Channel

I’m really excited to get my hands on Omni Channel. This lets you set a “work” value for your cases and chats. When a new case or chat comes in it’ll “push” the work to the agent based on either their availability or work capacity. Some examples I’ve seen look amazing! It’s something that can really change the way how Service Cloud users work.

Edit Chatter Posts

Serious… EDIT CHATTER POSTS! Who needs to say anything else? Ok I’ll say something else. There are permissions to enable this. One will let you edit your own posts and another will let you edit posts on records you own. Considering the number of typos I make, this is going to be aewsomne (typo intended for comedic relief).

Process Builder

There are a few different cool things coming in Process builder. I mentioned one of them last week’s post Why I Am Mad At The Salesforce Summer ’15 Release So instead of one mention here’s a whole list!

  • Compare and return values in Formulas
  • Reference System-Provided Values. This means you can now get $ and have filter criteria based on specific users. Hopefully getting access to custom permission and custom settings is only a short step away.
  • Multi-Select Picklists in more places. YAY YAY YAY! I’ve actually some processes I could not deploy because of multi-select picklist issues.
  • Additional Conditions when updating records. This is the feature I mentioned in last week’s posts. You can say I want to update all child records that meet this criteria. That’s impressive
  • User Interface Enhanced. Some things are subtle. I’ve been playing with the Summer’15 version and I can say I think it’s easier and cleaner
  • Immediately Delete a Process! No more waiting 12 hours after you deactivate! That’s AMAZING SAUCE

So #ThanksShelly for all the new Summer’15 features.

Visual Workflow

Just like Process Builder there is more than one feature I’m looking forward to.

  • Verify Picklist & Multi-Select Values in a Flow. This sounds simple but I’ve had many Flows fail when trying to grab the value of a Multi-Select picklist. This makes formulas like IsBlank(text(MultiSelect)) work
  • Immediate Delete a Flow. YAY! No more waiting 12 hours! THANK YOU!
  • Reference Global Variables in Flow. This is a big one. Just like Process Builder you can now access $User.Id, which is great. You can also access Custom Permissions and Custom Settings. That is AMAZING. This makes Flow more powerful because you can do amazing things with Custom Permissions and Custom Settings. You can check out my Custom Permission post here: Custom Permissions: The Joy of Flexibility in Validation Rules and Workflow and my Custom Settings post here: Custom Settings: An Admin’s Playground
  • See the Path That a Flow Interview Took Before It Failed. This is a Beta feature. When your Flow fails you get an email. Now that email will list each element that the Flow successfully completed. This is a start to – hopefully – better debugging tools for Flow.

And thank you Bill for all the Visual Workflow updates!

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  • Kristi G

    Great post, some great things I haven’t seen (or internalized at least) from other recaps. Somehow I missed why you’re mad, off to read that now 🙂

  • Jerry Reid

    Very informative. I like Omnichannel as well. Omnichannel seems really useful especially if it could only be extended to the sales cloud!

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