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Salesforce’s Summer ’15 release is here and does it have some whoppers in it. There are some great features in there like being able to delete an inactive Process or Flow right away (yay!) and rich text notes (which is actually more awesome when paired with some Salesforce1 updates). I’ll do a full Wizard’s List of Summer ’15 soon.

Then there’s all the changes to the Process Builder. With Process Builder you will now be able to:

  • Update Fields using Dates & Formulas (example CloseDate + 5)
  • Reference System-Provided Values (For example $User)
  • General enhancements to look and feel of building a process
  • Define additional conditions when updating records

Why I Am Mad At The Salesforce Summer ’15 Release

So why am I mad at Salesforce, and specifically Shelly Erceg – the Product Manager? I’m mad because Salesforce just ruined all my canned demos I built showing off the power of Process Builder combined with Visual Workflow!.

Prior to Summer’15 I had this great demo that would use Process Builder to Submit an Opportunity for a Discount and then use Flow to loop through each Opportunity Product and set what the Discount value is. You had to use Flow because you couldn’t use a formula in Process to set the value and you may have conditional updates. For example, you may give a discount to everything except one-time fees.

With Summer’15 you’re able to add conditions to updating records. This means to properly do an awesome example of the power of Process Builder and Flow I need to be able to show the conditional power of updating records. Sadly, I still can’t set the discount of the Opportunity Products because I cannot write a formula value for updating the Sales Price. The main reason is because the only fields available in the formula are the parent’s aka the Opportunity. If all the fields you need for updating the Item is on the Opportunity you’re set to go.

Vote to get access to the child record fields with this idea here

Conditional update of child records with formula

Conditional update of child records with formula

Once that update is done, my poor demo is completely useless and I’ll actually have to work to come up with some other creative powerful use of combining Process Builder and Visual Workflow. So once again #ThanksShelly, Shelly Erceg, for making Process Builder even more awesome and forcing me to update all my demos.

Okay… so I’m not really all that mad. I’m just lazy. Stay tuned for a bigger Wizard’s List for an overview on Summer’15 coming soon.

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  • Kristi G

    Voted! I think I actually need to do the same thing – Can I somehow see your current demo using PB + Flow? I want to update Opp Products to $0 for Opp Record Type “Sale from Inventory”, and I think this is exactly the same concept as your discount. I have been hesitant to attempt it, so your demo would be much appreciated!

    • Brian Kwong

      Kristi, I did this demo for the Chicago cloud tour. I meant to get a video recorded but haven’t had the chance. If I get a chance I’ll record it and share it here

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