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WizardCast – Episode II: Attack of the Cloned Records with Chris Duarte

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Welcome to the second full episode of WizardCast!

We start off with a Salesforce joke from Nathan Lipke. You’ll be happy to hear that it does live up to the high standards we’ve set so far.

This is a jammed packed full episode with tips, Yo! Wiz!, an interview with Chris Duarte Managing Editor Trailhead at and a Salesforce Video. So stay awhile and listen.

Salseforce Tip

Our tip this episode we talk about a method for managing all those cloned data records that users may create. When you clone a record, all values in all fields get copied over. This includes fields not on the page layout – for example the approval process fields. Mark talks about how you can save yourself the headache of having many cloned records with bad data. You can see a whole write up about this tip over on Mark’s blog:

Yo! Wiz!

We received a very interesting submission for our audio cue. It was sent anonymously, so if you shared, please let us know so we can properly credit you!

In our segment “Yo! Wiz!” we answer a question from  Steve Richardson from Fusion Risk Management. Steve asks us “What is the right way to setup Process Builder to trigger an action from an object when a roll-up summary field changes on that object?”

Well Steve, we have some good news and bad news.

Interview: Chris Duarte – Salesforce, Managing Editor for Trailhead

This is our first interview in a series we’re calling “Career Chatter”  There are so many different careers and jobs that involve Salesforce beyond being and administrator or a developer. We’re going to explore some of these options be it working at, a partner, or one of the many other areas that involve Salesforce is some form.

Chris Durate was nice enough to be our first victim, I mean guest for this series. She’s the Managing Editor for Trailhead at She talks about what led her to joining and specifically what she did to become the Managing Editor.

We also talk about what exactly is Trailhead and whether this is really a secret attempt to create an army of Salesforce Scouts.

We end our interview by trying out a new segment: The Salesforce Certification Quiz Show!

In this quiz show, we ask series of Salesforce-ish questions that all have Salesforce related answers. Winners receive a special “I survived the WizardCast” certificate of excellence.

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

Our Salesforce video comes from Shane McLaughlin and it curiously also stars a Shane McLaughlin. Mark and I are both astounded at this uncanny coincidence. It is quite obvious we abhor self promotion on this podcast and know none of our great listeners would shamelessly self-promote themselves with our podcast.

Shane’s video is a love ballad to the Lightning Process Builder.


We’ll love to hear from you folks. What are you enjoying? Do you like the quiz show idea? Want something different? Let us know! You can leave feedback either as a comment to this post or click “Contact WizardCast” on the right.

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