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WizardCast – Episode 1.5: April Fool’s Special 2015

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It’s April Fool’s day today and we couldn’t leave today without a little something extra.

Today is the traditional day for pranks. Whether it’s telling your co-workers that their shoes or untied or you’re filling their office with balloons, people everywhere will be the victim and the perpetrator of pranks.

Mark and Brian talk about the Prank Rules of Engagement and why it’s important to carefully follow the rules.

Prank Rules of Engagement

  1. Must not cause permanent damage
  2. Must not cause physical injury
  3. Must not cause financial disruption
  4. Must be easily and quickly reversed
  5. Must not cause a person to do their jobs for more than say a minute – shorter the better
  6. Targets must be chosen appropriately – IE friends who will forgive you and not be mad

Salesforce Pranks

Brian talks about 3 April Fool’s Pranks for Salesforce Admins reminiscing last year’s blog post. (you can find it here:

Office Pranks

Mark shares some pranks that anyone can do in the office, although some suggestions could be considered to break the Rules of Engagement. Mark also appears to have a very unhealthy obsession involving cows, offices, and stairwells.

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  • Alesia

    Awesome WIZARDCAST and awesome pranks, I wish I did not need to take a day off on April 1st and was in the office. But I will plan in advance next year! 🙂 Thanks for this post!

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