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The Wizard News was always intended to be a blog site with multiple contributors. The original intent was to make The Wizard News similar to a newspaper. A place for folks who have a great idea and want to share their story without having to curate and manage their own blog. I thought this would be great for the authors that would only have one or two posts.

Sadly, we’ve only had a few contributors over the years. Do you a post on Salesforce you want to share and don’t want to manage you’re own blog? Contact Me and let’s chat. As long as it meets some basic guidelines, for example it cannot be selling or promoting a product or service without you having used it. You also cannot work for the company that provides that service or product you’re writing about. Other guidelines are that it’s family safe and in English.  Want to be an Author on The Wizard News reach out and Contact Me!

Brian Kwong is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wizard News. He’s a Salesforce MVP and has been using the Salesforce.com platform since 2007. Among many things, Brian is known as the guy who walks around in a wizard hat. He can be found on twitter @kwongerific and on the Salesforce Success Community
Mark Ross Salesforce Yoda WizardCast Host Mark Ross is the co-host of The Wizard News’ famous podcast: WizardCast. He became a Salesforce MVP in Summer ’14. Mark is a Salesforce Admin and geek of all things. If it’s nerdy, he is probably into it. Mark is a Computer geek, father, musician, gamer, tabletop player, sci-fi/fantasy buff, comics and anime fan, comedy lover.. You can find Mark on twitter @MarkRoss__c. He is also known in the community as @SalesforceYoda. Want more of Mark? You can find his blog here http://salesforceyoda.com/
Adam Marks is a Salesforce admin and consultant who has been working with the platform since 2011. He received the amazing honor of being inducted as an MVP with the Summer 13 class in 2013. When he is not working on Salesforce, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter as well as sneaking in some gaming time as well. You can connect with Adam on the Salesforce Community or follow him on Twitter @adammarks1224 Adam also has the distinguish honor of being the first guest reporter on Wizard News.
Pete Fife is a long-standing member of the salesforce.com community. He founded the first online salesforce.com community in 2003 which grew successfully and was later transitioned to become the official salesforce.com sponsored community that exists today. For 6 years he was the leader of the first salesforce.com local user group that was established in the Silicon Valley. he transitioned to the Sacramento area and is now a co-leader of the Sacramento user group.Pete is a Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, and Certified Developer. Pete was our second guest reporter