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BONUS: A Public Service Announcement about Episode 100

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This is an important public service announcement regarding the upcoming episode 100.

Apologies to Bye Bye Birdie and the artist that composed and wrote this song and musical.


[Brian] Me, interviewing Parker Harris?

[Mark] Parker Harris

[Brian] Us, Brian and Mark recording with

[Mark] Parker Harris



Parker, Parker Harris



Parker Harris, Parker Harris

We’re gonna talk to Parker Harris

How could any podcast be

Half as fortunate as we?

We’ll try not to flounder

With our fave co-founder

It’s Parker Harris!



Parker Harris, Parker Harris

We’re gonna talk to Parker Harris

[Brian] I’ve got a wonderful wife

[Mark] Me too

[Brian] Three swell kids

[Mark] I’ve only got one

[Brian] A good job

[Mark] Mine’s better

[Brian] and now this! Ha ha!



Someday we’ll recall

The greatest day of all



Parker, we love you!



It’s Parker Harris!

Parody song based on Hymn for a Sunday Evening (Ed Sullivan) (Paul Lynde, Marijane Maricle, Susan Watson, Johnny Borden) copyright by Lee Adams and Charles Strouse 1960

Parody sung by Brian Kwong and Mark Ross. 

Check out this episode!

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