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Parker Harris Has Arrived!

WizardCast Episode 100

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It has taken us 4 years and 100 episodes. Parker Harris – co-founder of Salesforce, Overseer of Product Strategy, Member of Salesforce Board of Directors – is here on the WizardCast.

We ask Parker a series of questions from why is he where is he today and what is the zaniest story from working at Salesforce. This episode has everything from Jumping Segways to talking about the Pardot Permission outage. Don’t miss a very special episode with Parker Harris.

We made a special announcement for this episode be sure to .

Show Overview

0:00 Episode 100 Introduction
1:52 the REAL intro
2:53 100th episode without Parker Harris
4:17 Why podcast 100 is interesting.
5:26 Why is Parker Harris where he is today?
8:23 How often does Parker “turn off” work?
12:08 Are there any literary works that influenced you?
13:50 What a typical day look like?
16:25 What is your favorite part of the day or activity?
17:30 How did you get through the doubts starting Salesforce?
19:00 What is your zaniest story of working at salesforce
23:00 Just whose idea was it for Parker to dress up
24:30 How did you know some of your early decisions were the right call?
26:00 A story of agile
27:30 Parker’s biggest decision where he felt alone
28:35 When something goes wrong – how do you handle it?
28:45 Pardot Permission Outage story
33:30 The Lightning Round
37:00 Who booked Parker Harris?
39:28 Outro
39:26 Post Outro

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Audio and Music provided by: Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0 Sounds from: episode!

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