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Salesforce Winter 20 Release

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Salesforce Winter ’20 Release is nearly out! Some orgs have already received the new release on September 20. The majority of customers are getting the new update October 12. This is one big update with over 500 pages of release notes. That’s a lot to read, so we read the release notes for you!

This is definitely not everything, but we pull our highlights for the Winter ’20 release into this podcast.

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Show Overview

0:00 A new Podcast?
1:33 Intro
2:34 Joke
5:40 Lighting Enabled for Everyone in Winter ’20 link
7:00 Once enabled LEX is permanently on link
7:12 User Default will be LEX for new users created after LEX is enabled link
7:55 Actions & Buttons Tab – Move from Classic to LEX actions link
9:55 Hard Coded URL tool link
11:13 Recycle Bin finally in LEX link
11:55 SEARCH link
12:10 New mobile app! link
15:55 Show or hide record page components by device link
16:20 Specify lightning apps for desktop vs mobile or both link
17:25 Add Tabs and Accordions to Home Pages link
18:00 Customize Opportunity Contact (Custom fields, buttons, links, page layouts. TRIGGERS and validation rules) link
18:31 Customize Account Teams (Fields, buttons, links, TRIGGERS, process builder, WFR) link
19:07 Add Signature to email templates link
19:30 Quote lines in any order link
20:10 Archived Activities now show up in LEX. Up to 2,000 activities, including archived activities, are visible in the activity timeline and the Activity History related list. link
21:30 Set each field’s compliance categorization link
22:15 also reports link
22:25 Price Book Entries support Field history tracking & audit trails link
23:15 Path – Clear unused from Managed Package. Remove it f from indexes and subsequent updates & quotas link
24:38 Customizable Forecast is gone as of Summer ’20 ETA June 2020. Data won’t be accessible! Export the data and move to Collaborative forecasts link
25:25 Opp Products can now have a default quantity of 1 link
26:30 Opportunity Products “Multi-Line Edit” now supports Dependent Picklists. Previously, they were visible but not editable. link
27:00 Account Sharing button in LEX link
27:47 Topics are in Lightning and maybe useful now? link
28:50 Apps get dedicated URLs link
29:50 Security Notices for Admins with leveling and a centralized hub link
32:39 Approval Process Limits: your org can now have up to 1,000 active and 2,000 total approval processes. Each object can have up to 300 active and 500 total approval processes. link
33:20 Even more Custom Objects! raised the total hard limit for custom objects in an org to 3,000 (up from 2,500 in the previous release) so that you can install more custom objects from packages. link
33:50 Where is this field Used (GA )Validation rule, Layout, Formula field, Visualforce page,Apex class,Apex trigger,Email template (Salesforce Classic, text based),Field set,Flow (query),Lightning component markup (attr),Process Builder (criteria),URL button (formula),Lightning page (related list single),Lookup filter (lookup and master detail),Reports (column) link
35:57 AppExchange Usage Summaries See How your org is using AppExchange link
37:10 DATEVALUE() formula respects daylight savings time. “Enabling can increase the compiled size of existing formulas that contain the DateValue function.” Enabled from Company information under ” Locale Settings” Recommendation is to enable in sandbox and check all your formulas using DateValue() link
39:20 Winter ’20 FLOW Updates

  • Add LWC to Flow Screens link
  • Schedule an Autolaunched flow (cron job!) link
  • Configure Screens and Get Records Elements without variables link
  • Conditional visibility within flow screens link
  • Send custom notifications from flow link
  • Use Rich Text in text templates link
  • Drag selection (also better panning and longer element labels) link
  • Activate your flow without leaving flow builder link
  • Flows built in desktop flow designer no longer run link
  • Process Builder can subscribe to Flow Error events link
  • Flows get full list views link
  • Profiles and permission sets can grant access to flows link
  • Independent and configurable flow test coverage requirements link

54:30 Require verification when community users’ change email address link
55:25 Require that users have a high-assurance session level before accessing certain Setup pages or objects. (Think 2 factor) link
56:50 Winter ’20 CRITICAL UPDATES!

  • Route My Domains Through Salesforce Edge “Salesforce Edge uses machine-learning technology to improve connectivity and performance” auto-activate it on July 13, 2020 link
  • TLS 1.2 link
  • Enable ICU Locale Formats adopting the International Components for Unicode (ICU) formats for dates and times. link
  • Restrict Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods for Guest and Portal Users Based on User Profile more control over which guest or portal users can access Apex classes containing @AuraEnabled methods. link
  • Restrict Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods for Authenticated Users Based on User Profile link
  • Use with sharing for @AuraEnabled Apex Controllers with Implicit Sharing link
  • Enforce Access Modifiers on Apex Properties in Lightning Component Markup link
  • Enable Partial Save for Invocable Actions link

1:03:47 Closing out
1:06:39 Post Outro

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