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Salesforce Spring 19 and Community Sprint WizardCast Episode 86

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The Salesforce Spring ’19 release is upon us! By now you’ve probably read all 450+ pages of release notes, watched all the webinars, read all the blog posts and you’re experts. But what features are Brian & Mark excited for? Admit it, this is what really matters.

We go through and talk about the Salesforce release notes based on what features we think are “big news” and what we’re excited about. We end with a list of other interesting tidbits.

We also talk about’s community sprint. It’s an event where the community comes together to help work on the open source apps for the non-profit world of Salesforce. The next one is coming up in Long Beach. Take a look and participate if you can!

Show Overview

0:00 I swear I’ve done this episode before
01:13 Intro
02:10 Joke – listener submitted by Roy Moore!
02:44 Happy Lunar New Year
04:00 Community Sprint! Register
09:30 Spring ’19 Salesforce Release is here!
11:40 Field History > 18 months being removed
16:00 Customizable Forecasting going away including all data Summer ’20 release
18:00 Critical Updates! Hyperlinks targets are going to work
20:37 Return Null values in Formulas within Processes & Flows
23:40 Pinned List Views!
24:20 New Lightning Flow Builder!
28:45 New Flow Screen Components! Address & Image
30:00 Flow Snap-in website
32:15 Customizable Help Menu
34:00 Print record in Lightning
35:00 Cloning Sandboxes
36:00 Switch Lightning page to a new template
37:11 Guided Actions/Next Best Action/Strategy Builder
39:43 Schedule actions to happen immediately in Process/Flow
43:38 Pop-out Utility bar
45:25 More data storage
47:02 Let community users request help – a guided flow setup!
49:55 Attendees and resources in events
51:25 Subscribe dashboards/reports to roles and groups
52:40 Stuff now in Lightning that wasn’t
54:02 no more IDE
58:00 Lightning Web Components
59:40 Outro
01:01:40 Post Credits

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