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Happy New Year! Automatic Lightning Enablement for Everyone! WizardCast Episode 85

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Happy New Year! Welcome to Season 4 and Episode 85 of the WizardCast podcast. Home to bad jokes and interesting tidbits about

Are you using Lightning Experience? No? Well, get ready because starting in October 2019 Salesforce will begin automatically turning Lightning Experience on for all customers. We talk about the impact and considerations.

New Year’s is also a time for changes. Mark Ross shares his announcement and we share our most popular episodes.

Show Overview

0:00 A Whole New Podcast!
00:42 Introduction
01:42 Joke
02:09 Happy New Year! Resolutions & changes
3:00 Automatic Lightning Experience Enabling starting October 2019
5:00 Mark is beamed up to the
6:21 What’s the interview process like with Salesforce and
11:00 WizardCast Top List
12:25 Congrats to Adam Olshanksy for being our 1st episode with over 1,000 downloads!
21:15 Outro
23:32 Post Credits

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