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Know The Flow Code – Midwest Dreamin 2018

Last week, I was at Midwest Dreamin in Chicago, Illinois. Midwest Dreamin is basically a gigantic User Group. It’s organized by Salesforce customers for Salesforce Customers – just like all User Groups. The difference is it’s multiple user groups, from multiple states, coming together to put together something bigger, badder, and just more awesome than any other User group meeting. I like to think it’s the Voltron of User Groups

UserGroups Unite! via GIPHY

There are keynotes, an expo hall, and multiple sessions on a variety of topics. It’s like having a mini-dreamforce in your backyard.This year I was lucky to present twice, once about AppExchange and once with WizardCast co-host Mark Ross: Know the Flow Code

The original Know the Flow Code was launched at Dreamforce 2014. In this session we publicly announced the secret society of the Flownatics.

What’s a Flownatic? Well at heart a Flownatic is a Fanatic for Flow.

A Flownatic:

  • Loves to Create Flow
  • Replaces Triggers with Flows
  • Knows Their Flowcabulary
  • Enjoys Flow-Punnery

Below you can find a recording of the session. Let me know if you want the PowerPoint slides and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, do you like the “I’m a Flownatic” shirt? You can get your own at our new merch store where you can get t-shirts, notebooks, coffee mugs, and more. You can check it out here: It’s still in development so they’ll be more items available as time goes by.

The alternative is you can wait for my next give away. I haven’t decided what or when the giveaway will be. It’ll be dependent completely on budget (Shirts are expensive!). I’m aiming for before Dreamforce this year.

Know the Flow Code

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There are lot of Flow Codes left for us to cover!

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more Flow Codes? I’ve been toying with putting an e-book together with all the Flow codes. Would this be something you’ll be interested in?

Let me know in the comments!

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