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Salesforce Summer 18 WizardCast Overview – Episode 70

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The Salesforce Summer 18 release is nearly upon us! It’s available in Sandbox previews and will be coming to a production environment near you in a few weeks!

Mark & Brian go over the release notes, not quite all 494 pages. We pull out some of the interesting features coming out that Admins may be interested in.

The feature image for this episode was going to be Mark & Brian’s face transposed over Wayne and Garth, but my photo editing skills just aren’t up for the task. So just imagine it. Party On.

Show Overview
00:00 Last Time on WizardCast
01:09 Introduction
02:28 The Joke
02:58 Sponsor/Affiliate mention – Get 1 month free of Libsyn podcast hosting with promo code: podmagic
03:37 Summer Relase Notes!!!! Excellent!
03:55 Classic only features
04:10 It’s Better in Lightning
07:10 Search Updates, Search More! Search Specified Items! Synonyms!
09:45 Einstein GA Forecasting, Lead Scoring, Opportunity Scoring!
12:30 Campaign Features in Lightning!
13:25 Topics! Topical Topic on Topics
14:45 Dependent Picklists: Path, Record Detail, Kanban!
15:40 Lead Conversion: Convert to multiple Accounts
16:50 A drag of a features
17:10 Person Accounts in Lightning
17:50 Duplicate Management on Custom Objects
18:50 Lightning Report Builder Generally Available
21:50 SUB FOLDERS!!!! & other reports and dashboard updates
24:50 Well it’s about TIME field, generally available
26:30 FLOW and Process! You get a flow and you get a flow!
40:00 Critical Updates
44:30 GDPR, Filter Field History Reports!
48:19 Product Schedules, Manage Libraries in Lightning
49:00 List Views & Kanban for Tasks plus multi-task creation
50:00 Lightning Email Templates!
51:40 Close Case Action with Internal Comments
53:00 Omni Channel Configuration in Lightning Experience
53:10 Field Service… Read the release notes!
53:30 Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool
54:00 lightweight Service Cloud Mobile App
54:30 Wrap Up, seriously read the release notes on Dev, Communities, Security
55:10 Midwest Dreamin 2018 Announcement. Know the Flow Code & live Podcast recording!
56:10 Dungeons and Dreamforce Spring Edition over at the Cloudforce Collective. Fun and Charity events!
57:00 Closing Credits, Thanks Sandy Simpson for being our intern
59:05 Post Credit Scene

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