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Business Analysis and GDPR with Ian Gotts Wizardcast Episode 71

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Are you familiar with Business Analysis (BA)? Do you understand the importance and underlying principles?

What about Europe’s new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Are you impacted? Is your Salesforce environment prepared?

Listen as we talk with Ian Gotts, founder and CEO of discuss the importance of Business Analysis and the impacts of GDPR.

Thanks to Kel Henderson for being our first Australian Intern!

Show Overview
00:00 Last Time on WizardCast
01:29 Introduction
02:45 The Joke
03:30 Sponsor/Affiliate mention – Get 1 month free of Libsyn podcast hosting with promo code: podmagic
4:00 Introducing special guest: Ian Gotts
05:12 What is GDPR and what would the US called its version?
06:00 What is Business Analysis aka BA
09:48 Understand the principles of doing Business Analysis
11:10 Story Time: Why it’s important to write it down
15:00 How to respond to the can we “Just” do that requests
17:00 Difference between triage and prioritizing
22:40 How to convince your boss doing Business Analysis is worth the time
25:00 Practice your BA skills outside of work
28:00 Who is impacted by GDPR
32:30 Story Time: A Marketing GDPR metaphor with Ferrari
34:50 Why we should follow GDPR even if the fine is meaningless to you
35:50 Right to be Forgotten
37:00 Cambridge Analytica
40:00 Using Salesforce for GDPR compliance
51:00 Everyone is worried about GDPR even Brian’s 2 year old
51:48 Pardot Survey on GDPR awareness
1:00:00 Discrimination against Bass
1:01:05 Wrapping up with Ian Gotts
1:01:40 Midwest Dreamin’ Announcement Know the Flow Code
1:02:50 Dungeons and Dreamforce
1:06:01 Post Credits

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