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WizardCast Imposters! Imposters Everywhere! with Amy Oplinger Episode 57

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Imposter Syndrome with Amy Oplinger

Amy Oplinger hold 4 Salesforce certifications, is a Salesforce MVP, and a freelance consultant. She’s also both a WIT and Non-Profit User Group Leader. At Dreamforce 2017, she gave a presentation on Imposter Syndrome. It’s a discussion about how many of us feel that we are going to be found out for imposters, instead of the experts we are.

This topic resonated with many of the Salesforce Ohana and has resulted in a Trailblazer community group with over 200 members. Join the group at and join the Imposters Only Trailblazer group

We discuss with Amy about what Imposter Syndrome is and how we can overcome these feelings.

We also discuss about Amy’s other social media passion, the Gif (pronounced JIF Mark) Squad. Brian had no idea about this group and was… educated shortly after this podcast was recorded. This group also does charity work by selling t-shirts.

Do you feel like an imposter? What do you do to cope with it?

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

This episodes video is from Dreamforce 2017. It’s Amy Oplinger’s theater session on the imposter syndrome. You can find the link to the video below, or embedded on the page.


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