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WizardCast Elysium Avoidance with Peter Coffee – Episode 32

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We are live at Midwest Dreamin’. We want to thank Corinne Melchior for being our intern and holding our lovely “Appluse,” “Laugh,” and “Groan” signs.

Thank you to everyone else who came to listen to Mark Ross, Peter Coffee and I have an interesting conversation. At the very end, we made sure to have on the record, that Mark is embarrassing.

We start with a tasteless joke of brexit and freeing up data storage.

Interview: Elysium Avoidance with Peter Coffee

We have a very special guest today, Peter Coffee, the VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce. We had a great conversation on multiple topics including the impact of Pokemon Go, the future of our workforce, the possibility of robots taking over our jobs and the consequences of this happening. More importantly, we talk about alternatives to a whole automatic workforce.

Elysium Trailer:

Books Mentioned by Peter Coffee

Interesting Comments & Quotes

What is 53% of all in-app behavior today? Anything that NOT PokemonGo which represented 43% of all in-app activity in 1 day.

The effort of containing or correct a data breach hugely multiplying the impact of the breach. (

Other topics include how business are watching us and just how likely is drawing a full house in poker. (

“We tend to move forward from the technology and not backwards from the need”- Peter Coffee

“Good enough sooner than needed is infinitely better than perfect too late to be useful” – Peter Coffee

“Skynet is already hear, it just hasn’t waken” – Peter Coffee

“The need to be people who really are beginning from a definition of the problem based what is a person trying to accomplish and not a definition of the problem of what the gap is between perfection and reality” – Peter Coffee on what a successful IT person of the future needs to be.

“You will see more meaningful progress in this area in the next 3 year than you have in the previous 30 ” – Peter Coffee on  Adaptive learning software

You can see the video of the Amazon Warehouse Peter mentioned here:

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