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WizardCast Keep on Rolling Up – Episode 31

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Mark and Brian talk about how ready they are for Midwest Dreamin… or rather how not ready they are.

Midwest Dreamin’ Spot

Want to come and see WizardCast live? We’ll be holding a live recording session at the Midwest Dreamin’ conference in July 21/22. So come to the show in Chicago, IL and come see Mark and Brian. Bring your questions for the host and for our special guest Peter Coffee

Learn more about Midwest Dreamin’ and register today

YoWiz: Symbolize a record has an Attachment

Our question comes from Rebecca Glasser who wanted to know if there was a native way to put an icon to symbolize a record has an attachment.

The trick is the word “Native.” The answer is… no… but there’s some work arounds using tools like Andrew Fawcett’s Declarative Roll up Tool.

Andrew Fawcett’s Declarative Roll up tool:

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