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WizardCast An Admin Hero Rises – Episode 18

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The jokes have broken Brian. So going forward we are expanding our repertoire of opening jokes to be anything, bonuses for being Salesforce related.

Adventures of Admin Hero

Introducing the Admin Hero, a Salesforce super hero that fights for Truth, Justice, and the Cloud way!

Leave us a comment or sent a tweet out to @MarkRoss__c and @Kwongerific and let us know if you want to hear more Admin hero.

Thanks to Brent Downey (@BrentDowney) for putting up with our craziness.

For transparency purposes, Mark Ross is an employee of AppBuddy, makers of Gridbuddy. Brian Kwong works for Better Partners which resales DemandTools by CRM Fusion.

Interview – Brent Downey the Admin Hero

Brent Downey has been a Salesforce Administrator for the last 5 years. He talks with us just before he leaves the admin world to become a Salesforce consultant. Brent talks about his Admin career and the path Admins have for a career path – including being awesome admins.

Brent also talks about how his career change may impact in blog  We also talked about how company culture and politics can impact having a successful Salesforce implementation and continued use.

It was a great discussion where we cover everything from adoption, culture changing, blogging, and how much we all stole from Mike Gerholdt.


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Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

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