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WizardCast – Episode 15 Dreamforce Grungier Than Ever

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We open up our Yo Wiz questions to any question you want to ask Mark and Brian. The only brave sole to stand up and tweet to #WizardCast was Nate Lipke who asked “What do you get when cross a mountain climber and a grape?”

Gee, thanks for the question Nate. If you have a question you’ll like to ask #WizardCast, leave a comment at or tweet MarkRoss__c or Kwongerific with the tag #WizardCast.

Dreamforce Grunge

We talk a little bit about the mysterious ailment that seems to inflect hundreds of people known as the “Dreamforce Grunge” or “Dreamforce Pox.” Mark goes straight to the anal leakage when we talk about the various symptoms. So, don’t go swimming with Mark.

We talk about ways to keep yourself healthy at Dreamforce 2016.

We wish you all well for all those people who are still recovering from the Dreamforce Grunge.

Salesforce Video of the *Undetermined Amount of Time Until the Next One*

We have two videos this episode. Warning Self-Promotions incoming. These are two sessions Mark & Brian did at Dreamforce 2015. Check you the mobile voice command demo in Accelerate & Automate with Process Builder. You can also see the video of us explaining some guidelines to when to use the various automation tools.

No in-line editor this time. Dreamforce sessions are hosted on vidyard and I couldn’t get the inline player working.

Accelerate & Automate with Process Builder:

Know When to Flow ‘Em:

If you have a Salesforce video to share let us know! It can be a funny video; it can be a serious video; as long as it’s Salesforce related we’ll take it!. Send submissions to or click on the “Contact WizardCast” on the right sidebar from our show notes page.


We need to hear from you folks! Share with us your tips, blogs, Salesforce Videos, and Salesforce jokes (no matter how bad). We want to share them with our large audience of 4 people! Email us at or click “Contact WizardCast” on the right of our show notes.

Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

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