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Dreamforce 2015 Followup – Session Videos

Dreamforce is done and over with for 2015. It was a great and busy time for all 175,000 people who registered and showed up. This year, many of the sessions were recorded and they have been slowly uploading the videos.

So for folks who wanted to attend one of the sessions I presented in and couldn’t – or for those who want to see it again. Here’s a list of of some of the sessions already posted and a list of some of the ones I wanted to see.

My Sessions

  • Accelerate and Automate with Process Builder This session is a great customer overview of using Process Builder. It ends with Mark Ross and I using voice commands from Mark’s mobile phone to create records and send quotes from Salesforce.
  • Know when to Flow Em Here’s the repeat, slightly updated, session from 2013. I also have a follow up post on this session here.
  • Trailhead Gladiators 1 There are 3 session for Trailhead. The first was on Tuesday which I was in. The second was Wednesday with the final on Thursday.

Other Activities

I was also involved in two MVP Hands-On Training sessions. These were also recorded. When they become available I’ll post in the blog too.

Mark Ross and I also did two live podcast episodes of the WizardCast. I did a video recording if you want to see the visual craziness. The audio is a bit poor so if you want to listen to a good quality, the actual podcast is pretty solid.

There were a few other videos I took while at Dreamforce. You can see those and the podcast recording at my Youtube channel here:

To hear the podcast episodes you can find them here:

Other Sessions

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  • Brian Cline

    Missed something in your copying and pasting: “Dreamforce is done and over with for 2014.”


    • Brian Kwong

      What me? Copy and paste from an older post? Me?… technically that statement is true 🙂


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