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WizardCast – Episode 13 Dreamforce Live Part 3: The End, Finale

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Dreamforce Live!

We’re live at Dreamforce! It’s day Friday and the last day of Dreamforce. We’re recording Live at a favorite Diner for Dreamforce Attendees.

We’re gathered with a few great folks for the culmination of the great weight-loss challenge. This challenge started when Bill Greenhaw, Andy Boetcher and Brian realized we all had the same weight-loss challenge. So we made it a bet and today we review the results. We were also joined by Mike Martin, Phillip Southern, and “The” Chris Duarte. Mark Ross was the weight-loss commissioner (meaning he did nothing!)

It’s also the end of many things. Thank you for listening.


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Cherry (Instrumental Version) (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 4.0

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