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WizardCast – Episode 8.5 Wizard’s Log 0709.2015

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Wizard’s Log, Magic Date 0709.2015. The WizardPrise is en-route to a regional gathering at the Chicago Navy Pier base. This is the third gathering of such esteem peerage called “Midwest Dreamin'”. I have not seen the likes of such since this time last year.

Commander Mark “Yoda” Ross is on active away mission having gone ahead to assure safe passage for our crew. I hope the red shirted cadets stay safe in his care.

Our mission is critical to the success of the Wizard-nation. We will share our technology and knowledge, gain new insights, and meet with important dignitaries. If all goes according to plan, Commander Ross and I will share the contents of these “Interviews” in future logs.

On a personal note, I hope this missive is found amusing and entertaining and no way eludes to the fact that my recording of the WizardCast failed due to some technical or perhaps personal glitch.

With apologizes to William Shatner and Star Trek fans everywhere.


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