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Happy New Year!

Today marks the new year. It also the 53rd post on Tomorrow, will be the 1 year anniversary of the first post on this blog.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and hope you find enjoyment and usefulness out of the posts. I especially want to thank those who reach out to me with comments, letters to the developer and messages from social media.

A few quick announcements to start of the new year. I’m planning on moving this blog off the to a new hosted site. I do not have a cut over date yet. I will redirect to this blog. Please use that URL if you’ve bookmarked

I’m also work on a new video serious which I’ll announce more details later. I’m currently in the process of editing and cleaning up the first video. This process has taken me much longer than I had originally planned due to some other events in my life.

One of those other events, is I left my job as an Admin/Developer in October. I’m now a consultant and head of Delivery & Operations for Better Partners (Also known as Sevetta Force Solutions). Our new website will be launching soon and I hope to also be co-hosting a blog there. You’ll find out website at

I’m still hoping to be posting once a week going forward, but I may have a few weeks get interrupted with some other tasks.

With that, here’s a quick recap of the year

Top 10 Most Popular Posts


Post Views
Roll Up Summary Field Using Headless Flow 1,629
URL Hack Revisted: Auto Select Email Template With Custom Button 1,297
Salesforce1: Getting Started with OneStarter 1,218
Great URL Hack, Meet The Chatter Publisher Action 1,003
Salesforce Spring14 – Migrating Public Tags to Topics 995
Dreamforce Special: Process Builder – Building Your First Process 692
Apex and Flow a Match Made For Awesome 613
Preparing for Dreamforce 611
Dreamforce Special: Hands on the New Process Builder 481
Letter to the Developer: The “Date Loop” to Create Records with Flow 477


Top 5 Most Commented Posts

I love comments! Comments are one of the metrics I use to gauge how interested a post is and also if I need to write more on the subject. Posts with lots of questions will often lead to more posts on similar topics. So here are the top 5 commented posts for the year.

Post Comments
URL Hack Revisted: Auto Select Email Template With Custom Button 21
Let the Salesforce Requests Flow 11
The Magic of Inline Editing With A List View 6
Roll Up Summary Field Using Headless Flow 6
Attack of the Headless Flow – Building a Trigger Ready Flow 5

Top 5 Commentators

Comments cannot happen without the people who create them (wow did that sound like an oscar category introduction). Thank you to everyone who has left a comment. Below are five people who have commented the most frequently on my posts. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Commentator Comment Count
Kira 12
SutoCom 5
Andrew K KirkS 2
Yifat 2
Rhonda Ross 2

That’s the wrap for 2014. Happy New Year!

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