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I’m very excited for this year’s Dreamforce and not because I’m going to be presenting for the third year in the row. This year’s Dreamforce shows signs of being the year of the Admin!

For a few years Dreamforce had a “Dev Zone.” This was great. I spent some time there and found it a very worthwhile experience. I asked “where’s the Admin zone?” The answer I normally got was “it’s the rest of Dreamforce.” I never found that answer particularly satisfying.

Yes, there are many sessions for Admins, but there are lots of sessions for Devs, sales managers, marketers and so forth. Where’s the admin specific gathering area? The expo? Are we all supposed to coordinate and attend the same session? I don’t think so.

Dreamforce 2014 has already made two announcements that make me very excited: Admin Zone and Admin Keynote.

Admin Keynote

Are you available at 9:00 AM Wednesday of Dreamforce? Then you should go register for the Admin Keynote right now!

The Admin Keynote will be taking place at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square in Grand Ballroom B. I believe this is the same place the Success Community Area was last year.

3 Reasons To Attend The Admin Keynote

  1. This is the first keynote directed just for Admins. The First! Who wouldn’t want to attend history at the first Admin Keynote?
  2. There are some great people lined up to speak at it including -Mr. ButtonClick Admin himself – Mike Gerholdt.
  3. New Demos of Tools especially for Admins. I don’t know what tools will be demoed, but Mike said he saw a sneak peek and he got goosebumps! That’s good enough for me

Those are just three reasons. I’m sure there will be many more exciting things that won’t get shared until after the keynote. Salesforce likes to keep some surprises for attendees.

So register and tell me all about it! I, sadly, have two presentations sandwiching the keynote so at best I’ll arrive late. I lament this fact. I want to be there and be part of history of Dreamforce. So you need to be there on my behalf!

Admin Zone

Last year at Dreamforce we had a Success Community Zone at the Hilton. This year, it has been renamed to the Admin Zone and will now share space alongside the popular Dev Zone in Moscone West. This will be THE place for Admins to come together, solve problems, network, and be the #AwesomeAdmins we are.

The “Ask the Expert” style booths are back. It’ll be staffed primarily by MVPs and User Group leaders. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions to other customers and gain insights.

Last year, the Success Community Zone had coffee and a professional photographer for headshots. These will make a return. Want a nice professional headshot for your chatter picture in your org or in the community? Come and get one!

This Admin Zone will be a great place to meet up with your fellow Admins and network. I’m hoping to spend a great deal of time there. If you see me, please stop up and introduce yourself!

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