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dreamforce logoSo today I’m talking all about Dreamforce. “But Brian!” I hear you say, “Dreamforce was last November! It’s now March! What gives?”

You’re absolutely correct. This is a late for a typical “Dreamforce Recap” post. Dreamforce 2013 is three months behind us and Dreamforce 2014 is only seven months away. I always find it beneficial to stop and look back a few months after Dreamforce is behind. Typically by this point we’ve had at least one Salesforce release. The holidays are over and things may be a bit calmer before the next storm. This is a perfect time to look over your notes, review those free books and cheat sheets and most importantly and attend Dreamforce sessions.

That’s right. Dreamforce sessions. By now you’ve probably forgotten something from a session you’ve attended or heard about one session you really wished you attended. The good news is many of past Dreamforce sessions are available on YouTube.

The List

I love the agenda builder in Dreamforce. There were many sessions I wanted to go to but couldn’t due to schedule conflicts. I bookmark those. There were other sessions I signed up for that I couldn’t attend for one reason or another. I make note of those. As the week goes on as people start telling me “Oh wow this was a great session” I carefully make a mental note and then bookmark them in the App. I also make sure I follow their chatter feeds.

Then I wait. In the past it was a month or so before videos were released. This year I was very surprised. Whoever manages posting all those videos for Dreamforce 13 – bravo. That was the fastest release I can remember.

My bookmarked and attended sessions start “the list.” When the videos are out, I immediately go in and start searching for the sessions on my list. I know I won’t watch them right away. This list in YouTube is invaluable.

  • When I have unexpected down time – watch a session
  • When I’m about to start a big project and I’m using something from Dreamforce – Watch the session
  • When I’m talking with other admins/devs about a topic – Share the session

It’s great to be able to catch up and experience Dreamforce throughout the year. Often features which were “teased” or just talked about at Dreamforce are released or about to be released. Great time to watch the sessions and gain insights.

So without further ado — here’s THE LIST

So what’s on this thing?

Here’s some examples of what you may find. This is a living list so I’ll add more as time goes on.

  • Chatter Launch – What you Wished You Knew First. This was 1 of the 5 sessions I participated in. I like to keep these on hand both for sharing but also so I can hear what the audience heard and try to become a better speaker
  • Data as an Asset with DemandTools & More. This was a fun session on Thursday I did with Torey Nagle He has done some things in Professional Edition that simply blows my mind
  • Growing Pains: Scaling Your Salesforce Implementation. Another session I participated in. I love this session because it has some great tips on Governance from Will Nourse and some great tips from Mary Pustejovsky
  • Project Management in Salesforce: How to Prioritize Projects. I really wanted to attend this session from Sharon Klardie sadly it was not meant to be. Project Management is a big deal to me. It’s imperative if especially if you’re a one-person shop.
  • MVP Throwdown 2013: Bring it on. This. was. hilarious. I wished I could have participated. Sadly the schedule didn’t allow it
  • Analytics Unleashed- putting the New Analytics API to work for Your Business. I signed up for this. I was really look forward to it too – especially because one of the speakers was Todd Enders sadly it met the fate of wizard too tired to run multiple blocks from the Hilton to Moscone West and then immediately back to present… and run in the pour rain. Sorry Todd.
  • Parker Harris’s True to the Core. This is the second year they did True to the Core at Dreamforce. It’s one session I never want to miss. Where else can you hear straight from the co-founder of Salesforce and key product managers what they’re doing and why. More importantly, where else do they leave half the session open for unfiltered questions from the audience. If you haven’t attended, you must watch this video.

So there’s the list right now. I have some more I’m planning to add and I have past Dreamforces I’ll create separate YouTube lists for.

What do you think of my list?

What sessions do you think should be on there?

I think we’ll end with a Dreamforce picture of me and Saasy.Salesforce Wizard Dreamforce 2013

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  • Kira

    Nice recap Brian! This was my first Dreamforce, and definitely not my last! The agenda builder certainly helped me, as I had no idea what I was signing up for and how busy I would stay the entire time I was there. Great walking shoes = a MUST!

    Your list of “should attend sessions” are great! As a first-timer the hands-on sessions were great (yet they filled up very fast, REGISTER as soon as registration goes live)! They taught me some new things and renewed my confidence that I knew more than I gave myself credit for. A few of the other sessions that I found helpful and beneficial were the User Adoption and Usability Ninja sessions.

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