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Welcome Admin Super Heroes! During this week’s meetings we’ll review some of our greatest nemesis’s. Those villians and arch enemies that are the bane of our happy Admin experience. Many of you have probably already met and fought with some of the villians. Others you may have only heard of. This intelligence is brought to you from some of our greatest agents including Eanna Cunnane, Chris Duarte , and Mark Ross.

So let’s begin. Here are some of the biggest villians you may encounter as Admin Super Heroes

The Villians

This intel has been brought to you by many agents. You can find the original discussion here:

The Faxer

The Faxer is notorious for only using outdated technology. In his right hand he holds a PocketPC and a left a series a roll of fax copy paper. This villians sends you letters through Western Union and request you print and fax a copy of his Opportunities every week.

The AntiTrainer

The AntiTrainer never attends your Salesforce Trainings. They believe they already know every process, every feature – regardless if there have been updates. Worse, the AntiTrainer spreads his misinformation to other users by teaching people with incorrect information.

The Prioritizer

The Prioritizer is greatly feared by many Admin Super Hero. Known for sending the Admin projects with little or no notice and expects the Admin to complete the request immediately. The Prioritizer often skips vital governance meetings and ignores change management policies.

LeXCEl Luthor aka the SpreadCheater

LeXCEL Luthor aka the SpreadCheater puts all your data in offline files – each file completely out of date. Often references these files for high visibility reports to upper management and blames Salesforce when the report is wrong. LeXCEL Luthor also refuses to run his own reports relying on exports from other users.

The Insidious Duper

As one of the most hated villains, The Insidious Duper never searches for existing data in Salesforce before creating its own. Often it ignores its own data and creates multiple duplicates. It’s typical that many of these duplicates have incorrect, outdated, or data that’s just similar enough to make it near impossible to automatically detect.

the Storage Swine

The Storage Swine is notorious for using large amounts of the available Salesforce storage. Often with files and data that are improperly formatted or of no historical important. Yes, it’s very important for the Storage Swine to keep an Event for their lunch for the last 5 years and upload that 2gb – 1 page PDF of pictures of their cat.

The Developer Diva

The Developer Diva has a loud voice. It’s not uncommon for the Developer Diva to show up disguised as management or executives at a Hero’s organization. The Diva demands that you build their feature and then never uses it. This leaves an Org scattered by orphans objects and empty fields. A woe to every Admin Hero.

What other Admin Villains have you run into?

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