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What if we were not afraid? with Kristen Engelhardt

WizardCast Episode 109

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You’re not imagining it! A need episode of the WizardCast is here! It’s been a very rocky 2020 so far and we’re far behind schedule. Thank you for all our listeners for sticking with us.

We have a special episode including an interview with Kristen Engelhardt – VP, Trailblazer Marketing & Communities at Salesforce. She was the keynote speaker at Midwest Dreamin 2019 and shared a series of stories focused around the question “what would we do if we were not afraid”

Show Overview
0:00 Measuring for success
1:54 Introduction
2:54 Joke
4:00 Thank you
6:30 Kristen Engelhardt what would we all do if we weren’t afraid
9:15 What is CMI?
18:00 Energized by discomfort
19:50 Mark’s discomfort story
20:35 Brian’s discomfort story
24:00 How you decide to do something different
32:00 V2MOM – Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Metrics
34:30 Be Human in a moment of work
40:00 Share your story with Kristen Engelhardt via twitter @KTobyEngelhardt
42:30 Outro Thanks intern You – our listener – thank you for listening
43:20 let us know if you want us to do a LIVESTREAM episode via @WizardCast
45:03 Post Outro

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  • Kathy Zimmerman

    This was a GREAT podcast .. Thank you for the reminder .. that the anxiety of reaching for new challenges is a GOOD thing.

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