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Salesforce Certification Strategies with Adam Olshansky WizardCast Episode 68

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Adam Olshansky is a Salesforce MVP, Developer at YouTube and holds 14 Salesforce Certifications. He shares what Salesforce Certification means with him and shares his tips on how he got 6 Salesforce certifications in 8 months.

“Don’t think of it as a failure, but more of a learning opportunity.” – Adam Olshansky on failing Salesforce Certification exams.

Adam Olshansky Magneto Cert Helmet

Show Overview

00:00 Last Time On the WizardCast
01:10 Introduction
02:01 A Tearable Joke
03:25 World Tour Shout Out
03:46 Coffee Break Moore’s Law Rate
05:39 Mark Hamill TrailheadX marketers
08:47 Affiliate Mention: Libsyn Podcast Hosting Service. Free month with Libsyn PromoCode: podmagic
09:37 Introducing Adam Olshansky
11:00 Salesforce Certification counterpoint to Carlos Siqueira. Why does Adam have so many Certifications?
14:40 Adam Olshansky’s quick acquiring of Salesforce Certifications: 6 certs in 8 months!
21:20 Adam Olshansky’s tips and process for preparing for Salesforce Certification exams
28:00 Methods for taking the certification exams
32:00 Advice for the actual Salesforce certification test
35:00 Mark’s tip: Drink a lot to get better answers
36:58 Adam Olshansky talks about failing Salesforce Certification tests
40:45 RAD Women – Help teach women to code in APEX
43:00 Mark wonders if Adam has bested Professor X’s X-men.
44:30 Adam admits to having a Death Eater mask.
44:50 What 1 question would Adam Olshansky as Parker Harris?
45:50 What’s the next iteration of Salesforce?
46:00 Why didn’t Parker make sure Lightning worked “right” to begin with?
47:40 What’s it like to do Salesforce at YouTube?
51:00 Outro with Thanks to Intern Micah Perry
52:39 Closing Music
53:02 Post Credits bloopers

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Adam Olshansky Death Eater Mask

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