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One of the things I love about Salesforce is how much they care about our feedback and opinions. Over the years I’ve participated a lot of surveys and sneak peeks of future designs of Salesforce. Many times, Salesforce provided a gift certificate to thank me for my time.

It’s a pretty fun. When you sit down to something beyond the survey, you typically join a goto meeting. You’ll be talking with just one person. They will show you some screens, ask you some simple questions, or my favorite: ask you to try to “do something.”

For example, I recently got asked to provide feedback on some designs for the new flow builder. Now, as part of joining this I’m under NDA – so I won’t give you any details about what I saw.

Here’s what I can share. I started by joining the Goto meeting and talking with Kathy Baxter (Hi Kathy!). Kathy asked me to introduce myself and share how I use Flow.

Next she shared a screen. This is a prototype so it’s not an actual full-fledge UI. Kathy asks me how I would add a new Node or element. I told her my thoughts. Then she asked me to actually add a new node.

This went on to asking about how things appeared, how to move things around, and other aspects of Flow.

After all the screens, Kathy asked me to sort in order of importance what mattered to me.

That was it! This particular time it only took 30 minutes and they were nice enough to send me a gift card for my time. You don’t always get one, but I value being able to provide my feedback and help shape the future of Salesforce.

I encourage everyone to register to provide their feedback with the UX research team. There’s a link above and I’ll repeat the link below. For transparency purposes, I do get a thank you certificate for each 5 people who register with my link. So if you’re going to register, I appreciate you using my link to do it.

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